Boxes for every idea

We specialise in the production of wrapped hard boxes for luxury products, jewellery, cosmetics, food products and any other object that deserves the proper enhancement. The only limit is our imagination.

We take care of our boxes down to the smallest detail from design to production, to create a memorable sensory experience. It starts with the first glance that customers give to the packaging design, continues with touch, and the feeling generated by the carefully chosen materials in the design phase, until the exciting discovery of the product, the real star inside the box.

Every detail is defined and seen to with passion, from the choice of colours and textures to the arrangement of graphic elements. We work together with our customers to create a design that reflects the essence of their brand and communicates the distinctive value of their products.

Our boxes are currently used by companies in a wide variety of sectors, from luxury multinationals that use packaging to confirm their brand values, to small local companies which work with passion and choose to present their products in the best possible way, contributing to value perception.

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