Your dream in a box

Welcome to the world of Scatolificio Brogi, where every box is created to preserve, celebrate and enhance quality products. We create beautifully wrapped hard boxes to give your products a chance to shine, whether luxury items, cosmetics, food or any other item that deserves special attention.


Our coated hard boxes are a combination of experience, innovation and creativity. They are packages of the highest quality combining technical mastery and passion for detail, all to enhance the products inside.


We take care of the smallest details of every project at every stage, providing our customers with complete support from conceptualisation and prototyping, up to the production of the boxes.


In the picturesque village of Vinci in Tuscany, a place where the magic of art and creativity are intertwined with traditional craftsmanship, we at Brogi have been designing and manufacturing quality customised boxes since 1965.

Can we work together?

Do you have a new idea for packaging your products, or are you looking for a reliable supplier to produce the boxes you have already designed?

Contact us for sales information, and for more details about our services and how we work.