Our History

Brogi is a Tuscan box factory rooted in the picturesque setting of Vinci, a land of ancient charm where traditional craftsmanship and technological progress harmoniously meet. Founded in 1965, the company stands out for its excellence in the design and production of luxury gift boxes and boxes for merchandise.

The box factory was initially specialised in the production of shoe and shirt boxes. We thus built our reputation on quality and innovation, distinguishing ourselves in the industry thanks to our dedication and attention to detail.

We have expanded our product portfolio over the years, standing out for the production of gift boxes and boxes for merchandise. This evolution marked an important step forward for our company, allowing us to explore new markets and respond to a wider range of customer needs.

Punctuality, accuracy and attention to detail continue to be the core values of our work today Now that the baton has passed to a new generation, we continue to innovate and maintain the commitment to quality and service that has continued throughout our history.

Shall we continue this history together?

Do you have a new idea for packaging your products, or are you looking for a reliable supplier to produce the boxes you have already designed? Contact us for sales information, and for more details about our services and how we work.